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February 27th, 2013 | | |

My photo shoot for today was canceled, but this book [Tom Bianchi - Among Women] came in the mail! It was only a dollar on Amazon because the people on there do not like non-sexualized images of women or something.

Here are some quotes from Amazon reviews:

I give it 1 star because there is no option for zero stars.

This is a disappointment all around. It seems that the photographer does not have a grasp of real women. The models selected are extremely masculine, and are posed in masculine ways. With a title like “Among Women,” one should be able to assume that there would be some level of femininity to it, but there is not.

If you are interested in seeing manly women, then this book is for you.

I only give it one star because that is the “bare” minimum.

This book is not worthy of the one star it received from me. It is a sore disappointment, and I want to return it. Don’t buy it, you’ll be disappointed too, unless you like “manly” women—because this book utterly lacks femininity.

Controversy and Plastic Models

Very Interesting. The bad coments from you, North Americans, lead me to by this book. Do you know why? Because I know your likes: pasteurized and plastic models. So, I thought this book could be exactly the oposite. And I was right! And excelent way to show the feminility without masks. A real artist photographer. If you are looking for plastic dolls models that’s not the book.

I highly enjoy the photographs in this book. It may not show all sides of women, but it does expose a certain side that is not often shown or celebrated. There is beauty, there is strength, there is a lot of joy, there is love, and there is definitely femininity.